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Monday, 13 February 2012

Brain Storm – Runaway Boy

What: The Task for this is to create an opening sequence. My opening sequence will consist of a drama genre where a neglected teenage boy who is morning over his late mother, whilst having constant battles and arguments with his evil stepfather. He is old enough to leave the house in which he lives in with his stepfather, however he does not want to leave his younger sister unprotected from his stepfather. My opening sequence will consist of an argument he has with his father at the beginning of the film on the anniversary of his mother’s death. 
When: ASAP. Most probably the filming will take place over the February Half Term and from the dates of 20th February-5th March
Who: One older character, around the age of 37
           One teenage character, around the age of 15
           One young character, around the age of 6
Where: In the crematorium, on Dark Lane. The exit from the crematorium onto the street provides the perfect setting for the boy to run out of the crematorium and down Dark Lane.
How: The equipment I will using is a:
  • Canon 60d
  • Glidecam HD 2000
  • Tripod
  • Rode Video Mic
  • Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens
  • Canon EF-S Zoom Lens 18 mm - 55 mm - f/3.5-5.6 IS MK II
  • Final Cut Pro
Target audience: I will be taking the same age group as the film “Trust” as this is the same type of genre, using the same type of conventions and having the same kind of darkness. For this reason, my film would be rated a 12. The reason it would be rated as a 12 is because there would be no discrimination whatsoever, there would be no misuse of drugs, there would be no dangerous behavior like hanging, suicide and self-harming. Language would be moderate and infrequent if not avoided totally. The horror conventions would be moderate and there would be no psychological threat. The violence within the extract would be moderate with the only bit of violence would be a punch, then a chase.
The shot starts with landscape shots of the surrounding area. The first setting is of the crematorium so there will be landscape shots of some graves, some houses in the surrounding area, and a close up shot of a mans hand out of the window flicking ash off of a cigarette. The shot then cuts to a long shot of the teenage boy standing at a grave, looking down at the grave in despair. The boy looks over to the camera and then the shot cuts over to where the boy is looking. The boy is looking over at his stepfather in his van. The shot cuts back to where it originally was and we hear a car horn beeping. The shot then cuts back to the teenage boy looking over to the man honking the car horn in the van. He shakes his head, lets out a big sigh and walks over to the van. Whilst the characters converse Shot reverse shot will be used to show which character is speaking and the other characters expression.  Once at the van the man inside says
Neil: You need to hurry up or you’ll be late for school.
Tom:  You know, you could act a bit more upset, She died a year ago today and you don’t even care.
Neil: What the point in acting upset, she’s dead and she’s not coming back, so I’m not going to sit around pretending about something that is as far as I’m concerned, just another day.
Tom: That is my mother you’re talking about there, sometimes I wonder whether you ever actually loved her, or if you were just using her for her money.
Neil: That’s beside the point anyway. I just can’t believe that out of all the people you’re related to, I end up stuck with you brats.
Tom: She loved us! Which is more than I can say for you. 
Neil: Just get to school
Tom: Alice start walking, I’ll catch up
Alice gets out of the van, and starts to walk out of the crematorium. Tom Stays to talk to Neil.
Tom: My mum would be disgusted. You gamble, drink, sleep with countless women and worst of all treat us like scum.  You don’t even care!
Neil: Right now as much as I’d love to sit and argue all day, I do have work to go to, and can’t really afford to sit here and discuss reasons why I’m not bothered by the slightest at your mums one-year anniversary of death. But in response to your little rant there … No, I don’t care!
Tom looks at Neil for a quick moment with a blank expression on his face. He face becomes red and he lashes out by hitting Neil. He quickly pulls away and starts to run way. The camera follows the boy all the way out of the crematorium and onto the road running parallel to the crematorium. The scene will end on a freeze frame of the teenage boy running down the road when the titles will fade into the scene and the picture will fade to black.

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