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Friday, 2 December 2011

Where I am now, What we've done, Where we're going.

So far in our media lessons we have covered a lot. Over the course of a term I learnt all about the editing process. Involving of the difference between shots and sequences, for example a shot is particular piece of action taken from a camera shot, whereas a sequence is lots of shots put together, camera angles, which are the angles at which a camera is recording from (for example, a high angle, over the shoulder, POV, etc), shots, which is each individual shot from a camera, and movement, which is when a camera moves whithin a shot (for example, the 180 degree rule). We have looked at the narrative theory, looking at the role of characters and the structure of a story. We have also looked at the power of genre and the different genres that there are and what components make up a genre, for example an action genre consists of car chases, explosions and fights. An example of the narrative theory can be found below.
This video will display a set of characters such as a damsel in distress, the hero/goodie, the evil guy/baddie, etc, etc.

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