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Monday, 16 April 2012

Storyboard - Its a numbers game

Just wanted to post a written blog to mention and inform you that on the storyboard although on the presentation it says a bunch of numbers for example: storyboard part 7 when in reality there are only 6 parts of the storyboard. Pretty much, the reasoning for this is that when trying to upload the file to slideshare, I had to change a lot of the pictures to be in different presentations, and when I finally got the file size to a limit which was acceptable, I was so excited to finally be done with the starboard I forgot all about the names of the parts for the presentations and only just noticed as I scrolled through the blog looking that all the work I'd done was OK and worked. Nevertheless, I do apologies for this inconvenience and it is absolutely necessary to change the title, I will, however I see no reason to change the title of the presentation as the title each blog with the presentation embedded on the blog is named with the right part of the storyboard. Apologies once again. Peace

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