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This little message is just to say hi and welcome, If you haven't already read the about me section on this page, I would suggest you go and take a look. That section will tell you some basic information about myself and will tell you the reasoning for this blog. If you like, please stick around and feel free to take a glance around this page. If you like what you see, please feel free to follow and keep up to date with the latest ideas I have for my project.
Thanks once again guys
Josh Tills

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blogger annoys me … Lots!

Blogger is a very difficult website for blog. It has no capability and always has technical issues as to why you can't upload anything. I spent hours doing coursework putting together a storyboard which had arrows and everything, but blogger being the heaping sack of acne that it is can't take the file. I now have to upload each individual file in order or appearance as a way to show the storyboard. Apologies for this rant and I hope it is acceptable to present the storyboard in this manner. I will upload the pictures later as today is my birthday and am going for a meal. catch you later. Peace


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