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This little message is just to say hi and welcome, If you haven't already read the about me section on this page, I would suggest you go and take a look. That section will tell you some basic information about myself and will tell you the reasoning for this blog. If you like, please stick around and feel free to take a glance around this page. If you like what you see, please feel free to follow and keep up to date with the latest ideas I have for my project.
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Josh Tills

Monday, 16 April 2012

Where from Now???

You may ask yourself, where do we go from here? Now that all the videos are up and public for everyone to see, what else is there left to do? Well my friend, all we have left to do is the evaluation of our piece. Now that the video is up and running and public for everyone to watch and comment on, all they have to do is leave a comment with some feedback for me to include in my evaluation. What I will proceed to do is start my evaluation however leave out the parts which require feedback until I have enough to put incorporate it into the evaluation. From there the coursework will officially be finished, however just for fun I may do a directors cut of the opening sequence to show you what would've happened after the opening sequence and also improve what people highlighted through feedback on the first draft of the opening sequence. I will post more this week as I come to an end of m journey in completing my coursework for my AS media. Thank you for putting up with me today and my unusual amount of blogging posts. Take it easy, Im going to sleep now! Peace!

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